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Widefield Zeiss observer (time-lapse)

Widefield Zeiss observer (time-lapse)


This imaging system is a fully-automated Observer inverted microscope stand suitable for brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence time lapse imaging. The XY-automated stage allows multi-point and MosaiX image acquisition. The system is equipped with an environmental chamber that controls the temperature and the CO2.


The system utilises AxioCam-mRM camera having a resolution of 1388x1040 pixels. The widefield transmitted light imaging mode has phase contrast available on most lenses. A range of fluorescent filters are available which cover the commonly used dyes, DAPI, FITC,TRITC and CY5. The illumination source is a wide spectrum alignment free metal halide lamp.

The microscope has as an autofocus system and a precision motorised stage which enables users to automatically acquire tiled images from large specimens (or from an entire slide) and stitch them together post capture. Analysis of data/images can be carried out using the AxioVision software which includes quantification and deconvolution modules.


  • 40x (air, correction collar, 0.75)
  • 20x (air, correction collar, 0.5)
  • 10x (air, 0.45)
  • 5 x (air, 0.1)

Imaging modes

  • Multi-point x,y (2D) with tiling
  • volume x,y,z (3D)
  • Phase