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Leica TCS SPE II Confocal

Leica TCS SPE II Confocal


Location: SCRM ground floor, room G.45

Access (after training): 24/24h, 7/7 days

Cost (SCRM members): £20 peak hours (8am-5pm, week days), £15 off-peak


Easy to use confocal for fixed sample imaging (no environmental chamber):

  • Inverted microscope
  • Solid state lasers: 405, 488, 532, 635 nm
  • Filter-free spectral detection 430-750 nm
  • Single PMT detector
  • Manual XY stage
  • galvanometer stage for Z-focus (range 250 um, precision 10 nm)
  • Advanced Correction System (ACS) objectives with perfect compensation of focus shift (co-localisation)


  • ACS 10x, NA0.3, Air
  • 20x, NA0.5, Air (Note this objective is not ACS)
  • ACS 40x, NA1.25, Oil Immersion
  • ACS 63x, NA1.3, Oil immersion

Sample carriers:

  • Slides or chambered-slides
  • Petri dishes (35 mm, 50 mm)
  • Multi-well plates