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Leica TCS SP2 Confocal (upright)

Leica TCS SP2 Confocal (upright)


The Leica TCS SP2 UV AOBS MP is a point scanning confocal microscope, based around a DMRE upright stand. The system has three photomultipliers for fluorescence imaging with an additional one for transmitted light. It is also versatile allowing users a wide choice of fluorochrome dyes to choose from for use in their labelling, which includes the most commonly used: FITC, TRITC, A594 and CY5.


A unique feature of the system is the ability to spectrally scan a specimen’s emission wavelength at a given laser excitation line, and thus determine whether the signal originates from the fluorochrome used or from background autofluorescence or bleedthrough.

The water dipping lenses can be used to image larger unmounted specimens (fixed or unfixed) in small Petri dishes or six well plates.

Imaging modes
  • Volume x,y,z (3D).
Laser lines
  • Multi line Argon; 458nm, 476nm, 488nm, 514nm
  • HeNe; 543nm
  • HeNe594
  • HeNe; 633